Here we have a bunch of CDs that we received from Sulatron Records as review material. We’re gonna publish it in two volumes, one featuring Papermoon Sessions live at Roadburn 2014. as well as Sula’s performance from the same festival and Electric Moon’s live recording – Theory Of Mind. In the second volume, we will feature Love Monster by Zone Six and Early Broadcasts by Polska Radio One. We hope you will enjoy this stuff as much as we did. You can read what we experienced in the texts below. Hope you have fun. Greetings from Offcycles crew.



This 2 track, 47 minutes long album is yet another testament of beautiful fluid, unpredictable psychedelia! Lulu and Sula of Electric Moon once again joined forces with  Mogens Deenfort of Oresund Space Collective and guys from Papir for a killer live performance at Roadburn Festival 2014. Cooperation of this kind between people who simply live their music and approach it with maximum honesty, giving all they got to the strange, transcendent brew of sounds couldn’t turn out wrong. Despite a different, but at the same time very similar approach to constuction of musical pieces when playing apart, in their own bands, the way how they make this collaboration work is simply amazing. Let it flow, said  someone once. It seems it never stops flowing when it comes to these guys. It is an infinite cycle through which these kind of musicians recognise each other and detect those who are compatible for projects such as this one. Evoking atmospheres between extremes, flowing from frenetic, relentless stages of development to calm, tranquil, meditative ones and back again, Papermoon Sessions scatter your focus multiple times before they drive you to final release. Where have you been, what have you heard? Everywhere. Everything. The only thing you know at the end is that you wanna do it again. 



Sulatron Records webpage clearly satates: ‘Here you get the release of a one off show by Sula Bassana (who normally never plays live under his moniker)‘. After seeing this it became clear what amount of luck followed the visitors of Roadburn festival. As far as we’re concerned, enormous. Band’s lineup for this occasion was already quite tried and tested many times. Here’s Electric Moon in its full lineup with Sula (guitars, synthesizer, mellotron, FX), Lulu (bass, FX) and Marcus (drums) who were joined by Rainer Neeff (gitar, FX). This album is an ominous assembly of freak-out, badass, enegergetic kraut/psych enriched by powerful and inspired synth action with hymnic guitar takeovers, all reinforced with surreal, brutal effect usage and raw live energy! Music of this type can not always be described as groovy in most case scenarios, but Sula’s performance at Roadburn festival abounds with it.  So you will headbang to this, you will headbang as fuck, rest assured. Also, you will travel with this, not less than  from the depths of Hell to endless vastness of the Universe. There is the impression that, as further the band goes with their performance, bigger and bigger this music gets until it finaly stops and leaves you not knowing what the heck just happened. We felt like we’re about to pop under its enormous weight. Nice going Sula. You’ve almost melted our heads. Tnx! Needed that!


electricmoon-theory of mind

Here is another release from the Electric Moon’s factory that never rests. It is a live performance they did in a beautiful town of Heidelberg in Germany. Their sounds must have echoed through that forrests in the hills above the city, as this stuff sounds freakin massive! If anyone noticed or reported strange behaviour of wild animals in that area, they must have fallen under the strong hypnotic influence of Electric Moon’s vibrations, as it has been tested and proven – they do alter your state of mind. Theory of mind… You’re damn right about that title. It  is the area worth exploring and one that we do not know enough about. Their diversion  channaled through sound is a direct action in that field and we bet that these guys would have much to say on that matter. As the story slowly but surely progresses from a hazy-lazy synth buildup to recognizable Moon style sonic escapades, the only thing you can do is to follow the pulse of the rhythm section by nodding and let the spaced out guitar take you away through  a crazy, yet inspired mix of phaser, wah fuzz and flanger enhanced solos and riffs as well as powerful, mantric repetitions. It’s not really important where to, we really didn’t want to guess as we are accustomed to the utmost unpredictability every time we have to deal with this band’s stuff. If you enter the Electric Moon experience, you never know where you’re gonna end up. That’s what so great about it. It doesn’t matter is it the heavy bass riff, wild guitar solo, groove itself or the hazy sound curtain of effects mixing up in whirls. All it matters is that it is a powerful driving force. A great concert this was. At the end of everything, we feel happiness with a shade of jealousy, but that’s only because we weren’t there to hear it live at the venue.  But this is as close as it gets. So, fuck yeah!

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